Lessons learned at rstudio::conf

rstudio::conf was the most exciting and exhausting conference I have ever attended, and I’m not quite sure my introvert1 self is fully recovered yet, but here goes. What follows is a list of things I learned about attending conferences, about R, and about myself while attending rstudio::conf.

When Does "Open Source" Really Mean Open Source?

A Case Study in Forensic Science: Finding the “Golden State Killer” What’s open source got to do with it? As a statistician, data scientist, and R-user, I am a big believer in open source tools and open data.

Figure Skating and Forensic Science: they have more in common than you'd think!

You’re probably wondering where on Earth the title of this post comes from. Well, as a postdoc at CSAFE, I think about forensic science pretty much every day. And as a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, I listen to podcasts pretty much every day.

Lessons from my first Hackathon

This Mother’s Day weekend, I traveled home to Chicago to attend ProPublica’s Vital Signs Hackathon and surprise my mom for Sunday dinner. This was my first hackathon experience, and I learned a lot.