Introduction to bookdown

An introduction to authoring books with the R package bookdown.


Visual complements to p-values

Talk given as part of a panel on commmunicating fitness for use.

Creating Beautiful Data Visualizations in R

A 2-hour virtual tutorial on data visualization in R with ggplot2.

Creating Beautiful Data Visualizations in R

A 2-day, 4-hour virtual tutorial on data visualization in R with ggplot2 given to Bureau of Labor Statistics and other federal employees.

Increasing Reproducibility and Efficiency with R

Introduction to the tidyverse and RMarkdown.


a quick intRo

First meeting of the R Users Affinity Group

pagedown: In HTML We Trust

Using pagedown as an alternative to LaTeX PDFs

What makes a good data visualization project? An applied statistician’s perspective

Talk presented as part of a topic contributed session.

Making your projects more reproducible and efficient with rmarkdown, tidyverse, and related R packages

Using the tidyverse and RMarkdown for your R analyses

The Uncoast Unconf: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How? (not necessarily in that order)

What happened at the Uncoast Unconf?

Fitting a Random Forest the tidymodels way

An overview of the tidymodels workflow.

Graphics for the LAS Status of Women Report

Members of the graphics group re-creating visualization for the “Status of Women” report by the college.


An interactive crash course in bookdown

Setting your thesis up for success with RMarkdown and bookdown.

Model Visualization Techniques for a Social Network Model

Network Analysis, Text Mining and Bayesian Functional Clustering: Data Visualization and Other Considerations, Contributed Papers Section on Statistical Graphics

Lectures for the Research Experience for Undergraduates at CSAFE

Material for teaching statistics and R programming to the students in the summer REU program hosted by CSAFE. All students were science …

The Week of R

A week long R course covering data cleaning & manipulation, visualization, and writing Shiny apps.

The Joy of Clustering

My process of becoming a finalist in the competition in 2015

Recreating Historical Graphics with ggplot2

Looking at graphics from W.E.B. DuBois and the statistical atlas of the United States.


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Data

Cleaning data with the (modified) philosophy of Marie Kondo.

Network Model Visualization

Understanding complicated network models through visualization.

Webscraping with Tidyverse

Learning to webscrape in R with the rvest package.


The Joy of Clustering (with Bob Ross)

Presenting my paper as a finalist in Significance Magazine’s Young Statistician’s Writing Competition