What makes a good data visualization project? An applied statistician’s perspective


Well-designed data visualizations leverage the capabilities of the perceptual system to enable inference and decision making. However there are many components to consider when creating a useful and informative data visualization. Clearly representing the data is critical; however, expertise on more than just how to plot the data can help get the data’s message visually across to users. Different stakeholders bring unique viewpoints that should be addressed to enhance the graphics success. These stakeholders include the subject matter expert that best understands the data and research question addressed; the statistician who applies best data practices and methods; technicians or programmers that implement the design; communications and language experts that aid with the interpretation and messaging of the graphic and text; and the designer that uses color and style to create visual balance and appeal in the graphic. This session brings these different perspectives into the same room to discuss their points of view. Moreover, they will outline methods of working together to create a data visualization and suggest how these directions can be implemented.

Jul 28, 2019 2:00 PM — 3:50 PM
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO