pagedown: In HTML We Trust


Following in the footsteps of rmarkdown, pkgdown, and bookdown, pagedown provides a brand new way to create web documents with R. LaTeX has been the master of paged documents for decades, but it is not meant to produce for the web. Enter pagedown: the R package which paginates the HTML Output of R Markdown to create documents suitable for printing. pagedown eliminates the need for LaTeX: to get beautiful PDFs, all you need is a modern web browser! In this talk, I’ll introduce pagedown templates and some easy web magic so you can create beautiful paged HTML documents in R.

Nov 8, 2019
Georgetown University
Washington, DC 20057
Sam Tyner
Sam Tyner
Data Scientist

I am an applied statistician and data scientist, with a wide range of skills and experiences. I’m passionate about using data to make a difference.