A CRAN Task View for Forensic Science

I have started a CRAN task view for Forensic Science. The CTV is available on my Github page. I welcome any feedback, additions, and pull requests. CRAN Task View: Forensic Science with R Maintainer: Sam Tyner Contact: sctyner at iastate.

Lessons from my first Hackathon

This Mother’s Day weekend, I traveled home to Chicago to attend ProPublica’s Vital Signs Hackathon and surprise my mom for Sunday dinner. This was my first hackathon experience, and I learned a lot.

A Custom ggplot2 Theme for Facebook

Update 04-02-2017: See the awesome package ggtech for a Facebook theme and many others. Why? I thought it would be fun to create a Facebook theme for ggplot2 after seeing this (kind of old) article where Facebook data analysts have clearly used ggplot2 to make their graphs.